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-- Iron Fist

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Synopsis for "One Must Die!"

Continued from last issue... Looking the Maggia who have kidnapped Big Ben Donovan and Power Man, Iron Fist and Thunderbolt attack Maggia leader Caesar Cicero's penthouse to get the information. Meanwhile, Cicero has taken Donovan and Power Man to the cemetery where Donovan apparently buried a stolen cache of drugs. Meanwhile, Colleen Wing and Misty Knight are hitting financial troubles and are forced to take on a case they are concerned is not on the level.

When Thunderbolt and Iron Fist arrive at the cemetery, and defeat the Maggia members. They find that Power Man has been buried alive in a grave marked for him, and the coffin full of drugs is really full of rocks. Donovan reveals that he kept the drugs for himself. When he reveals to Thunderbolt that he ordered the hit on his brother, Thunderbolt breaks his wrists while Power Man rises out of his grave.

Having found his brothers killer, Thunderbolt dies happy, leaving Power Man and Iron Fist to turn the defeated Big Ben Donovan over to the police.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Letters are published from Chuck Mabry, Joe Bianey, Jeffrey Lowndes, and Robert Smith.

Continuity Notes

  • Lonnie's grave shows his death as happening in 1970 - ten years before the comic's publication date. This date should be considered a topical reference.

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