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Luke Cage - Power Man

Appearing in "Victim Times Three!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Colonel Eschat

Other Characters:

  • Nathaniel Turner
  • Davis (Death)
  • Turner (Death)
  • Powell
  • Miss Channing




Synopsis for "Victim Times Three!"

Nathaniel Turner, a former soldier of fortune, has come to seek the aid of Heroes for Hire to protect him and his former colleagues, all mercenaries for hire. They are all targets of their former partner Colonel Eschat, who is seeking to kill them so that he cannot be identified.

When Turner was killed, Power Man and Iron Fist try to save the others: Schiro, the leader of a car theft ring; Davis a munitions seller; and finally Powell, who has made it big selling popular war novels. Each attempt to save these men is met with opposition from these men themselves, and failure when Eschat manages to murder them.

When all are dead, Eschat goes after the real target he was hired to kill: District Attorney Blake Tower. Power Man and Iron Fist manage to bust in at the last moment and rescue Tower from harm, and eventually capture him. As Eschat is being led away from the police, he vows that he will one day return.

Appearing in "Mighty Marvel Bonus: Behind the Scenes with Heroes for Hire"

Featured Characters:


Synopsis for "Mighty Marvel Bonus: Behind the Scenes with Heroes for Hire"

A bonus feature featuring profiles of locations and supporting cast members in the Power Man & Iron Fist series. Including Heroes For Hire Inc, Seagate Prison, K'un-Lun, the Gem Theater, Toby, D.W. Griffith, and others (see featured characters for more info.)


  • Thsi issue features a letters page, Power/fistfuls. Letters are published from Simon Hudson, David Duncan, Frank Titone, Jerry Bennett, Rick S. JOnes, Maurice Gardner, Kevin C. McConnell, and Todd MacFarlane.

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