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Iron Fist

Appearing in "Coconut Snow"

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  • Supremo

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Synopsis for "Coconut Snow"

Power Man and Iron Fist are hired by El Suprimo, the dictator of the country of Terra Nueva, to stop a drug operation. Meanwhile, Colleen Wing goes to visit her father who still doesn't remember who she is following his encounter with Master Khan and Angar the Screamer.

While Power Man and Iron Fist stop the drug smuggler and sink his boat full of drugs, Supremo has Colleen captured. Her amnesiac father, not believing that Supremo's men are police officers decides to follow. When Power Man and Iron Fist bring the smuggler to Supremo, they learn that the drugs were going to be sold for money to fund a coupe d'etat of Terranueva, and that Supremo wished to cease the drugs to sell himself.

Power Man, Iron Fist, and Colleen work together to defeat Supremo and his men, and during the fight, Lee Wing's memory is restored when he watches his daughter in action against the thugs. After the battle is over, Power Man and Iron Fist depart to give Colleen some time with her father.


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