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Appearing in "The Mountain Comes to Manhattan"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Montenegro (First appearance)
  • Mr. Thisby
  • Troy
  • Mr. Selby

Other Characters:



  • Prototype Micro-Chip (located inside a quarter)
  • Montenegro's Piton Gun
  • Alpine Gun


Synopsis for "The Mountain Comes to Manhattan"

Luke Cage is caught up in the criminal dealings of Montenegro, a man who stole quarter with a microchip that effects machinery. He leaves it at a diner for change and Luke ends up picking it up and taking it into his possession. When the men who are seeking the coin visit Luke Cage and offer to buy it for $10,000, Luke only ends giving them a regular quarter.

They send Montenegro to attack Power Man, and with the aid of Iron Fist, Luke manages to defeat Montenegro who escapes vowing to get revenge on the Heroes for Hire. Later, when the truth about the coin the criminals were seeking, Power Man realizes that he spent his last quarter in the Gem's (and Luke's mechanical antagonist) soda machine. Luke smashes it open to get the coin, much to D.W. Giffith's dismay.


  • Inkers are credited as "D. Hands" (Diverse Hands).
  • No letters page is published.

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