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Quote1.png We're going to settle this between ourselves man to man, with no minions ... and no fancy toys! Quote2.png
Iron Fist

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Synopsis for "Paper Tiger!"

When the Golden Tigers start committing crimes again under the leadership of a new man under the guise of Chaka. William Hao has called in the aid of Power Man and Iron Fist to try and solve the mystery of this new Chaka's identity (since Iron Fist had been involved in Robert Hao -- the original Chaka's, arrest) After their initial attempt at smashing the Golden Tiger's operations, Chaka reveals himself and easily defeats the heroes before escaping.

Later, Iron Fist decides to enroll in a number of marital arts classes to try and see if one of the teachers is really Chaka. One night after class, Danny is attacked by members of the Golden Tigers, Power Man comes to the rescue. When Chaka arrives, Power Man is easily defeated, however Iron Fist's martial arts are able to defeat Chaka. When Chaka is defeated, he is unmasked as Thomas Arn, a teacher at one of the martial arts schools.


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