Quote1.png Never in all my travels have I met anyone as insane as you and your comrade! Quote2.png
-- ROM

Appearing in "Wraith, Color or Creed"

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Synopsis for "Wraith, Color or Creed"

Rom the Spaceknight has come to earth and is vaporizing any humans he detects as Dire Wraiths. This includes several citizens who appear human including Solace's friend Polly Laughton. Solace hires Luke Cage to find Rom. Luke and Iron Fist soon encounter Rom in an hispanic neighborhood. They battle Rom, but soon see the Spacekinght attacked by humans who reveal themselves to be Dire Wraiths. Luke and Iron Fist see Rom's purpose and his noble intentions and become allies.


  • Power Man, Iron Fist's and Rom's adventure continue in Rom #23.
  • This issue also depicts D.W. Griffith as a "Film Student".
  • No letters page is published this issue.


  • Showing this issue at the Gem Theatre: John Wayne Festival.

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