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Colleen Wing

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Synopsis for "Doorway to Heaven"

As Power Man and Iron Fist bust up some kidnappers who have kidnapped a wealthy man's daughter at a honkey tonk bar, the Ninja is on the prowl once more. The Ninja has successfully stolen each part of the various amulets that are worn by the Sons of the Tiger. When it goes to collect the last one from Bob Diamond, the only member that still wears his amulet, the Ninja battles both Bob and Colleen Wing. During the fight, Bob is seriously injured and the Ninja steals the amulet and escapes.

At the hospital, Power Man and Iron fist meet with the other members of the Sons of the Dragon. During their meeting they learn that it was Master Khan who organized the capture of the amulets to be reunited with the Jade Dragon, which was also in his possession.

When Power Man and Iron Fist break into the antique store which Khan has been using for a front, they find that with the amulets linked with the Jade Tiger it has become a living mystical tiger. Khan uses it to open a portal and rides the tiger through it. Iron Fist and Power Man dive into the portal before it closes in order to find out what Khan's master plan is.

This story is continued next issue...


  • No letters page is published this issue.


  • Editor in Chief Jim Shooter is credited on page one as "Ranch Foreman".

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