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Master Khan
Power Man, Iron Fist... One day we shall meet again, and I will see you both suffer the torments of the damned
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Big Deal.
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Appearing in "This Insubstantial Pageant Faded"

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  • Emerald Crystal (Destroyed)


Synopsis for "This Insubstantial Pageant Faded"

Continued from last issue.... Following Master Khan into a portal, Power Man and Iron Fist find themselves to transported to Iron Fist's adopted home of K'un-Lun where they land in the middle of another H'ylthri attack on the kingdom. After aiding in deflecting the attack, Power Man and Iron Fist are welcomed back as honored guests. Yu-Ti talks of Iron Fist's father's past and reveals that Miranda Rand-K'ai was really Iron Fist's half sister.

After aiding the people of K'un-Lun in another attack on the H'ylthri, they learn that the plant creatures use human beings as fertilizer to feed their young. After the battle and there is a great celebration. After which Iron Fist is attacked from behind. When he revives, Iron Fist finds that he is bound the mystic stone and is about to be sacrificed by Yu-Ti for Master Khan.

Yi-Ti and Khan reveal that Khan is considered a god of K'un-Lun, and that they sent Wendel Rand out to Earth to bring back and spawn the ultimate warrior for the purposes of sacrificing him to the gods. Lei-Kung learning of this treachery, alerts Luke Cage and they come to Iron Fist's rescue. The trio manages to defeat Yi-Ti's warriors, and manage to get hold of Khan, and threaten to kill him if they do not let them leave. Khan opens a portal back to Earth, but before they leave, Iron Fist destroys the crystal that works as a bridge between the two realms.

Arriving back on Earth in the Himalayas, the two heroes begin their long trek back home...


  • This issue features a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Letters are published from Elizabeth Holden, Scott Stevenson, Robert L. Goerder, Jr., Kevin C. McConnell, Phil Jones, and James Timlick.
  • Although Miranda Rand is shown as a corpse this issue. She will be reanimated by the H'ylthri and return.

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