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Quote1.png You ain't gettin' no free meals from us! Now get lost! Quote2.png
Luke Cage to a berserking vampire

Appearing in "Death Scream of the Warhawk!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • NYPD
    • Loot
    • Simons
    • Trask
    • Bruce
    • Ralph
  • Salty (Death)

Races and Species:



  • The Dove (freighter)

Synopsis for "Death Scream of the Warhawk!"

Iron Fist is working solo acting as security for the grand opening of Nightwing Restorations newly redecorated office. He soon becomes a target of Warhawk, who shoots at Danny from a roof top hoping to kill the one man that has been able to defeat him. Warhawk fails in assassinating Iron Fist, only grazing the hero, however Colleen Wing is shot in the melee. Misty Knight manages to get to the rooftop and battles Warhawk on her own, grossly outmatched, however she is saved when Iron Fists arrives forcing Warhawk to retreat. After the battle, Iron Fist compares notes with both Jeryn and the police before going after Warhawk with Misty's aid.

Going to a warfside bar known as the Drowned Rat, where they try their underworld connections to learn of Warhawk's location. However a bar fight breaks out and their informant, a man named Salty, is killed before he can impart with any information. However they find a clue that points them to a derelict boat, Iron Fist goes off on his own while Misty is arrested for her involvement in the bar brawl and can't stop him from walking into what's obviously a trap.

Unaware that Warhawk had planted a bomb on the rusting hulk, the two engage in a battle against one another taking them deep inside the ship. With no way out, and the bomb about to explode, Iron Fist uses his Fist of Fury to break through the ships hull and fill the ship with water. With his lungs aching for air, Iron Fist manages to defeat Warhawk and bring him to shore where Misty and the authorities are waiting for him. With Warhawk in custody, Iron Fist asks Misty if it's okay for him to finally pass out.

Appearing in "The Vampire Strikes Back!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • 42nd Street Stalker

Races and Species:


Synopsis for "The Vampire Strikes Back!"

Walking back home from seeing the film "The Fangs of Baron Berenger" with D.W. Griffith, Power Man finds himself attacked by a real life vampire. The vampire finds that Luke is hardly a choice candidate, as the creatures fangs cannot pierce Luke's steel hard skin. Power Man finds that his ignorance towards vampire lore works against him as the vampire is able to turn into mist to evade his blows and eventually catches him with his hypnotic powers. D.W. tries to get the vampire at bay by making a crude cross, but finds himself also a victim of the vampires hypnotic powers. However, before the creature can feed on D.W., the spell put on Power Man fades off and Luke knocks the vampire into a deli window. Weakened by the garlic bread inside, the vampire tries to escape and Luke gets a solid blow to the vampires face, breaking it's teeth.

Realizing that the creature is reeling from the garlic bread, D.W. and Power Man use it to drive the vampire away, the creature changing into a bat and fleeing the scene.


  • The vampire eerily resembles the fictitious "Night Shocker" that previously attacked Cage on 42nd Street in Power Man Vol 1 26. However, Cage makes no mention of a resemblance or possible connection.
  • No letters page in this issue.


  • Anyone wonder how Iron Fist and Power Man returned to 42nd Street from the Himalayas last issue? They were last seen walking in the snow and out of K'un Lun!

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