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Synopsis for "What's Black and White and Red All Over?"

Story continued from Daredevil #178....

The Heroes for Hire and Daredevil have come to the aid of Sheldon, a man who's sister has been unjustly fired from her job in a ballet performance due to a broken leg. Trouble brews when a Russian dancer named Elyena, is threatened by two hired hands: the agile Ninotchka and her partner the strong man Boris. Power Man and Iron Fist have a brief battle with these two, until the fight is broken up and it's learned that Ninotchka and Boris were hired by the Russian government to insure that Elyena doesn't defect and/or marry the American dancer named Peter.

Fight is broken up by the stage direct, and upon identification, Foggy swoops on him with a legal demand to look at his records. The heroes are told to go, and Power Man and Iron First return to their office, unaware that Ninotchka has sent Boris to follow them.

After learning more about the situation from their secretary Jennie Royce, Iron Fist manages to convince Power Man to help out poor Elyena for free. On their way back to the theater, they are tipped off by Daredevil that Boris is following them. Over the coming days, Power Man and Iron Fist act as bodyguards for Elyena and Peter and keeping a close eye on Boris and Ninotchka.

When it is finally the big night, Elyena walks in on Peter and Ninotchka sharing a kiss (orchestrated by Ninotchka to trick Elyena to swear off their engagement) and during the performance, Ninotchka takes over the show and gets in the way of Peter and Elyena's performance together, further alienating the Elyena from Peter. Seeing something is up, Matt Murdock (having gotten tickets for himself and Heather from Foggy) sneaks off and changes into Daredevil.

Violence erupts on the stage leading into a battle between the Heroes for Hire, and Daredevil against Ninotchka and Boris.

During the fight, a set of lights break free and threaten to crush Boris, but the Russian is saved at the last minute by Power Man's super strong body. The audience thinking it's all part of the performance give the combatants a standing ovation before the curtains fall. With a truce called between the heroes and the Russians, all ends well when Foggy manages to convince the theater directer to rehire Sheldon's sister and pay for her medical expenses.


  • This issue features a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Letters are published from Keven C. McConnell, The Marvel Maniacs, Ryan Scott, Karen E. Weber, and Brian Nelson.

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