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  • Margaret Daugherty

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Synopsis for "Slasher"

A woman named Margaret Dougherty has been cornered by some street thugs, who intend to rob and rape her. She is rescued by the timely arrival of the Heroes for Hire and their occasional ally, El Aguila. Aguila tells the heroes that she wasn't injured by the gang, but by a mysterious slasher that has been plaguing the area, so the trio decide to work together to catch the slasher. Power Man and Iron Fist take the woman to the hospital, where Power Man is shocked to find that his old flame, Claire Temple, is working as a nurse.

Power Man and Iron Fist go to visit their friend Bob Diamond, who is recovering from injuries in the hospital. There they find Misty Knight and Colleen Wing visiting Bob as well. Power Man decides that they should nab the Slasher as a group and offers the girls a chance to help them out, which they accept.

Meanwhile, in a dingy apartment, the Slasher returns to his partner, Frank, who scolds him for going out once again and claiming another victim, saying that such activity will spoil their current attempts to find employment. The Slasher promises Frank that he will not go out on another one of his hunts again.

While at the apartment of Misty Knight, with her former roommate Jean Grey dead, Misty is having Luke's girlfriend, Harmony Young, move in with her as a roommate. As Danny, Colleen and Misty plan their mission to capture the Slasher, Luke complains about being the only person helping Harmony move her stuff into the apartment.

Later that night, Colleen and Misty pose as prostitutes and walk the streets where the Slasher has been known to attack, while Power Man, Iron Fist and El Aguila keep a watch out. After a false alarm, Misty spots the Slasher attacking a man, and she realizes that this killer was going after whoever was closest and available, not just women. El Aguila is the first to come to Misty's aid, and he is attacked by the Slasher's partner, Frank, who appears to be immune to Aguila's powers. Misty, meanwhile, battles the Slasher, who appears to have feral qualities and slashes her bionic arm, revealing the mechanical parts underneath. Furious, Misty knocks the Slasher out with one powerful punch.

Just then, Power Man and Iron Fist arrive and battle the Slasher; however, Frank returns with a getaway car, and the two villains manage to escape. When an ambulance arrives to pick up the Slasher's intended victim, Claire is there, and she and Power Man have a brief moment of silence staring into each others eyes. Luke is completely unaware that Harmony has come looking for him, and she finds him in this compromosing moment of emotional vulnerability.


  • This issue features a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Letters are published from Todd Sorenson, Anne Delafere, Jim Scribner and Forrest Bingham.

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