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Iron Fist

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Synopsis for "Day Of the Dredlox"

Power Man and Iron Fist visit the theater where their friend Bob Diamond is playing the role of Professor J.A. Gamble in a play called "Day of the Dredlox", Luke is hardly impressed with the special effects of the play. After the trio and Colleen Wing leave, the spiteful janitor is attacked by some unseen force.

The next day, Power Man meets up with Iron Fist at the Heroes for Hire Office, where Bob has arrived to hire the heroes' services because of a series of strange events and disappearances at the theater where he is acting. Deciding to take the case, the trio are attacked outside the building by laser blasts from unseen attackers. Power Man, Iron Fist, and Bob manage to dodge these blasts and save passers by from the attack. The attack stops as suddenly as it starts, leaving the heroes puzzled as to what is going on.

The guys find an evening of romance between their respective partners is hard now that Misty and Harmony are living together. Deciding to hang out together as a group instead, their evening plans are cut short when Danny gets a panicked call from Bob. Rushing to the theater, the Heroes for Hire find that the Dredlox have come to life and are attacking them with real lasers. The robots apparently think that Bob Diamond is a real life J.A. Gamble and seek to force him to reveal the secrets of time travel.

Power Man and Iron Fist find themselves outnumbered and are forced to hide in a bookshop. Inside they find the tiny shop a lot larger on the inside than it was on the out, and meet the real J.A. Gamble who has been busy working on a device to banish the Dredlox from this reality.

Power Man and Iron Fist work with Gamble to break into the Dredlox's base where they have been forcing Diamond to try and make their time machine work. In the middle of the battle, Gamble manages to activate his device sending all the Dredlox back to their own world. When Rafale Scarfe and the police arrive on the scene, Power Man and Iron Fist expect Gamble to explain things to the police, but are shocked and confused to find that Gamble had mysteriously disappeared along with the Dredlox.


  • The Dredlox and Professor J.A, Gamble appear to be homages to the Doctor and his constant foes The Daleks.
  • This issue contaisns a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Letters are published from Dominic Cecullo, Rick S. Jones, T.M. Mapel, Gordon Manley, and Roger Myers.

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