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Synopsis for "Rich Girls"

Power Man and Iron Fist have been hired to guard the offices of Murphy Merriam Fontain. One night, they find a small time hood named Joey Andrews trying to steal files from the office, and easily stop him from doing so. After succeeding in their plan, Fontain thanks them for their help and then offers Luke a special job for Luke and Luke only. Luke soon finds out that he's been hired to entertain for Fontain's youngest daughter, Sally's birthday. At first, Luke is disgusted by being hired as a lousy birthday entertainer. However, he is convinced to go back and entertain Sally by her old sister Leda.

Later, Luke and Danny begin searching for leads to find out who has been targeting Murphy Fontain, and come up dry. Returning to his office at the Gem Theater, Luke is shocked to find that Leda is waiting for him. Leda tries to offer her aid in Power Man and Iron Fist's case, but Luke refuses her aid, however when she tries to escort her out of the Gem, D.W. informs him that Leda paid admission for the movie playing, and Luke has to satisfy himself with letting her go watch the movie.

Following their only lead to a derelict building on a wharf, Power Man and Iron Fist almost catch one of the men involved, but are stopped when Sally suddenly appears. Sally tells them that Leda went to the amusement park to catch the men responsible, and was captured. Luke believes it's just Leda trying to get his attention again and goes after gun man, prompting Sally to go on her own. Capturing the gunman, Power Man and Iron Fist recognize him as one of Montenegro's men and realize that Sally was telling the truth and head to the amusement park to rescue Leda.

There they find Montenegro, who reveals that he was targeting Fontaine because his business operations were interfering with Montenegro's criminal operations in Europe. Power Man and Iron Fist save Sally from Montenegro's gunsels, but Montenegro scales a roller coaster and holds Leda hostage.

Danny uses his Fist of Fury in order to knock both off the roller coaster. Leda lands safely in Luke's arms, however Montenegro manages to escape, vowing revenge against the Heroes for Hire. When the girls show their gratitude to Iron Fist he gets uncomfortable, and the bemused Power Man can only laugh at Danny being the subject of the Fontaine's adoration.


  • This issue features a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Letters are published from Wallace Lee Hopkins, Teresa Conway, and Barry Dutter.

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