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Daniel Rand
... Maybe we can learn something from him. He is bound to know more than we do.
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Luke Cage
Wouldn't be hard.
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Synopsis for "The Road to Halwan"

At the office of Heroes for Hire, Power Man and Iron Fist talk about their disapproval of of Jeryn's representation of Randolph Cherryh. Jeryn dismisses it as simply a lucrative business venture. Just then, Abe Brown -- formally of the Sons of the Tiger -- enters the office asking for the Heroes for Hire's help. He explains that he is wanted in the country of Halwain for certain crimes which he apparently committed, but concedes to Power Man and Iron Fist that he has no memory of any time he may have spent in Halwan. All he recalls is being caught up in a plane hijacking, and then waking up in a hospital in a neighboring country. Power Man and Iron Fist decide to take the case, due to Iron Fist's standing in Halwan and Jeryn's insistence that they go there.

At the airport, Power Man and Iron Fist are attacked by would-be assassins, however they easily defeat them and make their flight. Jeryn flies first class, while Power Man and Iron Fist are stuck flying coach. They are both unaware that the woman named Brillalae is also aboard the plane with them.

Arriving in Halwan, they are once more attacked, however this gets them in trouble with the authorities. Nonetheless, with the help of a mysterious stranger, the two heroes manage to escape arrest and are snuck into the Hawlannian palace. There they disguise themselves as two members of the kings Harem in order to try and sneak around unseen. They find that Boris and Ninotchka have been hired as heavies for the king. However, their cover is blown when they are called by the king to dance before him and have to fight off the king's army.

Making a run for it, Power Man and Iron Fist find themselves chased to a dead end, where they have two choices: Fall down into a pit of spikes, or face an army of soldiers led by Boris. This story is continued next issue...


  • This issue contains a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Letters are published from Mark Waldman, Charles David Haskell, Delmo Walters, Jr., Jonatan Kamin, verde, Welsy M. Allison, and Paul Munz.

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