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Quote1.png (To another quip from Jeryn Hogarth) I'll believe that when Fist an' me get our share a' the money. Quote2.png
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Synopsis for "Secret Of the Black Tiger"

Continued from last issue... Power Man and Iron Fist are trapped between a pit of spikes an a charging army led by Boris. Power Man tosses Iron Fist across the pit to safety, and allows himself to be captured so that Danny can make an escape and rescue him later. Power Man is made a prisoner of Princess Azir, and is taken to her private chambers where he finds that she has also succeeded in capturing Abe Brown and returning him to Halwan.

Elsewhere in the palace, Iron Fist avoids detection by the armies led by Boris, and is aided by two other servants. The two explain to Iron Fist that there is currently a conflict happening between Halwan and it's neighboring Murtakesh, and that the two dissidents are working in favor of both of the countries poor, who have the least to benefit from the coming conflict.

Meanwhile, Azir and Ninotchka prepare to torture Abe Brown with hot irons in order to get him to tell what he knows about Murtakesh (which he can't because he can't remember what happened in his recent past) Not wishing his friend to be harmed, Power Man breaks free and chases Azir and Ninotchka away who flee to find guards to assist them in quelling the two heroes.

The two make a break for it, and outside the palace they spy Boris greeting a Russian diplomat, and Abe stops a dark garbed figure in the shadows, and recognizes it as... himself? Back inside the palace, Iron Fist runs into Ninotchka and the two begin to fight. Back outside, the rebel army from Murtakesh attack, prompting Abe to remember his adventures as the Black Tiger fighting in the rebellion until a bullet created his forehead injuring him.

As the battle rages on, Boris joins the fight with Abe and Power Man, when he sees the fighters on either side have no regard for who they gun down. During the fight, Power Man saves Boris's life again, and the two work together to break up the fight. Back inside, Iron Fist and Ninotchka find themselves evenly matched, however Iron Fist manages to knock her out and break into the kings throne room. Back outside, the fighting has stopped and the current Black Tiger is revealed to be Abe's former comrade Brillalae, who calls Abe's inability to help out the people of Murtakesh a failure.

Inside the palace, Iron Fist finds that the whole time they were fighting Jeryn had been making a deal with the king of Hawlan and the leader of Murtakesh forge an international trade agreement in order to avert any war. With the conflict ended, the Heroes for Hire agree that it's time to return back to the States.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Letters are published from Andrew Lovett, Jeffrey Lowndes, Frank Titone, verde, and Rob Marsh.

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