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Quote1.png Wait a minute. Before you go chargin' in there like John Wayne, think for a minute. Quote2.png
Rafael Scarfe

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Synopsis for "War Without End!"

Warhawk is out on the loose again, terrorizing people of Asian origins as part of his twisted desire to get revenge against the Vietnamese. This prompts Iron Fist to go out searching for him. Fist finds Warhawk and his latest group of intended victims at an old warehouse and attacks. In spite of Iron Fist's best efforts, he is bludgeoned nearly to death by Warhawk, who leaves him to be found by the authorities.

At the apartment of Misty Knight and Harmony Young, Misty, Haromy, Colleen Wing, and Power Man get the news that Iron Fist has been brought to a hospital with serious injuries. Learning that Warhawk was the one responsible for putting Danny in the hospital, Power Man vows to track the madman down and bring him to justice. He patrols Chinatown as well as checks his connections, however no matter how hard he tries, he fails to capture Warhawk, who manages to continue his campaign of terror against his victims unopposed.

Returning to the Gem Theater, Power Man gets a message from his old friend Noah Burstein who asks Luke to join him and his wife for dinner. Deciding to go, Luke is shocked to find that Noah has invited Claire Temple as well, which poses an awkward situation. When the ladies are off in the washroom, Noah explains that Warhawk was given his powers by himself during one of the earlier versions of his strength giving experiments that gave Power Man his super-human abilities, and asks Luke to help capture him.

After dinner, Power Man is surprised to find that Warhawk has holed himself up in a building that is surrounded by police. There he finds Iron Fist (Released from the hospital, but still too weak to battle Warhawk) and Rafael Scarfe. Power Man grabs Scarfe's bullhorn and demands that Warhawk come out and face him or he will go inside and get him out himself. When Warhawk calls Power Man's bluff, Luke barges into the building. Warhawk and Power Man end up in a battle, and the villain finds that Power Man is more than a match for him. Power Man easily disarms Warhawk and in a hand-to-hand fight, Power Man proves to be the victor.

Luke takes the unconscious Warhawk out of the building where Noah keeps him sedated until the military can collect him and take him into protective custody.


  • This issue features a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Letters are published from The Tardis, Paul Carbonaro, B.J. O'Quinn, Rick S. Jones, Mike Davis, Kathleen A. Lehrer, and Wesley M. Allison.
  • In this issue, Noah Burstein introduces his new "bride" Emma Burstein.


  • Now playing at the Gem Theater this issue: The Blob.

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