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Appearing in "The Fury Below"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Henry Pratt


Other Characters:



  • Mole Man's Staff (Destroyed)


Synopsis for "The Fury Below"

On their way to their next job for a trucking company, Power Man and Iron Fist are almost run down by a runaway truck by a fearful truck driver. Arriving on the scene, Power Man and Iron Fist break up an angry mob of truck divers that are swarming the owner of the company. They learn that this particular company has been plagued by a series of mysterious disappearances of trucks that go on a particular route. Only shipping food and supplies, the owner had decided to hire the Heroes for Hire to learn what's happening to his trucks by sending the two heroes on the next shipment to see what happens.

Driving the route in separate trucks, Iron Fist is shocked to look behind him and find that Power Man's truck has disappeared. Getting out, he notices a hole in the ground sealing up, and busts through it with his Fist of Fury. He finds a cavern below and is quickly attacked by a swarm of Moloids. Not far away, Power Man pulls himself from the wreckage of his damaged truck and soon find himself also attacked by Moloids, this group led by their leader the Mole Man, who has been raiding these trucks for supplies for his followers.

Although blasted from a ray from Mole Man's staff, Power Man manages to get away, and finds all the missing truckers locked up in a cage and frees them. However, when they try to escape, Mole Man traps them in a tunnel that he begins to slowly fill up with lava. Meanwhile, Danny has tracked down the Mole Man to his lair and begins fighting his way through his army of Moloids to try and free Power Man and the truckers from their doom.

With the lava fast approaching, Power Man uses his strength to life the bolder that is blocking the exit from the tunnel high enough for the truckers to make an escape, but cannot safe himself in the same way. Not wishing to be burned to death by the coming lava, Power Man decides to try to pound his way through the rock.

Meanwhile, in the Mole Man's control room, Iron Fist manages to best the Mole Man in combat, and deactivate the trap saving Power Man's life. When Danny goes to check on Power Man, he finds his colleague alive and well, but in doing so the Mole Man is able to escape. Shortly after the authorities arrive and help Power Man, Iron Fist and the truckers escape from the tunnel. With their mission accomplished the heroes return to New York.


  • This issue conttains a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Letters are published from G. Schmidt, Mike Rawlings, Kevon C. McConnell, Jon Vivas, T.M. Mapel, Robert J. Sodara, Crag Satterlee, and David Tompkins.


  • Page One credits Prince Charles as Royalty.

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