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-- Iron Fist (Danny Rand)

Appearing in "Golden Eye... Gleaming Death!"

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Synopsis for "Golden Eye... Gleaming Death!"

Power Man and Iron Fist have been hired to be bodyguards for the popular rock musician Rip Chord, who is taking a cross country tour on a specially made train (called the "Madball Express") to record his next album. When a would be assassin tries to kill Power Man and Iron Fist by dropping a cinder block on Power Man's head, the pathetic attempt is easily stopped and the two heroes learn that a man only known as Goldeneye was the one who hired people to kill Rip Chord.

Later, as Rip is meeting with some of his groupies before heading off on his train tour, there is another assassination attempt by another agent of Goldeneye. This one is also thwarted by Power Man and Iron Fist, and Power Man begins to become weary of playing nursemaid to a rock 'n' roll musician.

As the train begins rolling, Power Man walks into a bizarre display where Rip Chord is acting like a total child in front of his mother, and realizes that Chord his heavily addicted to drugs. Upon learning the truth, Power Man becomes very disgusted that he has to protect this man, who is the idol of millions. When the next attempt on Chord's life (wherein Goldeneye's planted bombs try to melt the rail car couplings) occurs, it takes the quick thinking of Iron Fist and the strength of Power Man to avert disaster.

As Goldeneye punishes one of his failed assassins, Power Man and Iron Fist think there is another attack when there are shots fired aboard the train. It turns out that it's really Rip Chord himself, who in a drug induced bout of insanity thinks that he's John Wayne. Power Man easily disarms Rip Chord, and literally spanks him for his childish behavior before storming out of the room.

Goldeneye then springs his next trap, trapping the train on a bridge rigged to collapse, Goldeneye's men keep all the passengers inside with a specially made blaster that uses a nerve paralyzing ray to stun it's targets. As Rip Chord records some music, Iron Fist uses his fist of fury to smash through the floor of the train. They then dive down into the water below. Surviving the fall, Power Man and Iron Fist make short work of the sniper, Chacon, allowing for everyone to safely escape the train before the bridge collapses into the water. In spite of all this, the drug addled Rip ends up running off the cliff, plummeting to his own death.

Returning to New York City, Power Man makes a connection between Goldeneye and the Elwood Company, which made the train and insured it for a large sum of money. Forcing their way into the Elwood Company office building, the two confront Goldeneye at the moment just when he is accepting his fraudulent insurance claim and easily stop him. Afterwords, the late Rip Chord's agent tells the two heroes that the final recording of Rip has become a instant hit, much to the chagrin of Luke.


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