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Synopsis for "The Untouchable!"

Unus the Untouchable has decided to give up his career as a super-villain and use his powers for petty crime, since his impenetrable force-field would allow him to commit crimes and not be stopped by conventional law enforcement. Going around Times Square, he begins committing robberies of the small businesses in the area.

While over at the offices of Heroes for Hire, Jeryn Hogarth shows off the new Heroes for Hire advertisement to boost their publicity. Power Man takes it as an attempt by Jeryn to cater to more higher profile and more lucrative jobs and push the Heroes for Hire out of being able to get the business of the less fortunate like his clientele in Times Square, and storms out of the meeting.

Following after Power Man, Iron Fist tries to calm Power Man down, trying to convince his partner that Jeryn is only trying to do what he thinks is best for their business venture. They are then met by a boy who's grandfathers store is being robbed by Unus. Taking a quarter as payment, Power Man agrees to help stop Unus.

The two heroes try their best to battle Unus, however they are easily swatted aside. Iron Fist suffers a blow to the head, and has a brief moment where he hallucinates that he is back in K'un-Lun before snapping back to reality. As Power Man checks on Danny, Unus manages to make his escape, losing the heroes in the sewers.

Taking Danny to Misty and Harmony's apartment, they patch him up, however in spite of his injuries Iron Fist still wants to help take down Unus. Watching this Misty wonders if they will always live a life of constant threat of injury or death. The next day, meeting Danny at his townhouse, Power Man is shocked to find Danny training even though he's injured.

Later that day, Luke is soon learns that his reputation in Times Square is fleeting as more and more people figure he's becoming "white" by working for the Heroes for Hire organization up town. As fate would have it, Power Man and Iron Fist would spot Unus walking down the street plotting his next big haul. The two Heroes for Hire battle Unus on the street, Iron Fist managing to strike a staggering blow against Unus with his Fist of Fury, however it fails to incapacitate their foe.

When this fails, Power Man gets a better idea: Instead of trying to fight Unus with brute force, he simply picks up the crook by the force field and holds him aloft until he surrenders, knowing that Unus will not be able to get away unless he deactivates his force field for a moment. The over confident Unus deactivates the field, feeling he can reactivate it fast enough to evade capture. However, Unus misjudges Iron Fist's speed, and Danny easily knocks him out with a lightning fast jump kick. With Unus defeated a crowd gathers to praise the Heroes for Hire for their work.

Luke spots the little boy in the crowd and asks him if there are any other super-villains in the area for him to beat, when the boy says no, Power Man considers the job well done.


  • This issue marks the professional debut of acclaimed writer Kurt Busiek.

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