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Synopsis for "The Chemistro Connection!"

Power Man happens upon a robbery taking place at the Amalgamated Chemical & Pharmaceutical plant, the robbery being lead by a old friend of Luke's named Mingo. Mingo chides Power Man for not being employed by Amalgamated and that he's becoming a tool for the white man. Power Man busts up the operation however Mingo escapes and Luke doesn't learn who hired them to heist the chemicals. While Danny and Misty spend the night together, Misty becomes concerned about Danny's withdrawn behavior of late.

The next day, Power Man convinces the owners of Amalgamated Chemicals to hire on Heroes for Hire, agreeing to give them a special rate for their services. While out looking for clues by checking Luke's street informants, he finds that none of them want anything to do with Luke anymore, considering him nothing but a tool of law enforcement and the white man. Taking a break at the Gem Theater, they are asked by D.W. Griffith if they will allow him to film a documentary about them for his film class, the heroes reluctantly agree. Colleen and Bob Diamond pop by, and Colleen confronts Danny about his problems of late, and gets Danny to agree to go on a date with Misty and them later that night.

Hitting the streets again, the heroes manage to get information from Luke's loyal and blind informant Toby. They manage to stop and break up Mingo's next theft operation with D.W. in tow filming the action for his documentary. There they find that the gang has been hired by a brand new Chemistro, who is apparently the brother of the original. As Iron Fist fights off the thugs, Luke squares off against Chemistro. Chemistro manages to get the upper hand by trapping Luke in a case of solid steel. Danny frees Power Man with his Fist of Fury, and the two chase after Chemistro. The trail leads them back to the Gem Theater where they find that Chemistro has used his alchemy gun to turn Bob and Collen into glass, leaving a note behind warning the Heroes for Hire to stay out of his business or risk the death of their loved ones.

This story is continued next issue...

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