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Synopsis for "Heart of Glass"

Continued from last issue... Chemistro has turned Bob Diamond and Colleen Wing into glass with a warning to Power Man to stay out of his affairs. After packing the fragile glass statues for safe keeping until they can find a way to change them back to normal, the Heroes for Hire decide to pay a visit to the original Chemistro: Curtis Carr. Along the way they are attacked by street thugs who they easily take care of. Meeting with Carr, they learn that his brother Calvin came to Curtis after being freed from prison and forced his way into his brothers apartment, having found a new version of his brothers invention, he decided to take up the Chemistro guise and resume the criminal career that his brother had abandoned.

With no leads on Chemistro, the Heroes for Hire return to their office to wait for their foes next move. There they learn that they have their own offices (pointed out by Jennie) the two heroes never realized they even had. While Iron Fist comforts Misty over the news of Colleen and Bob's fate, Power Man has to explain to Harmony over the phone why he can't just drop his case and go to dinner with her. While Curtis Carr pays a visit to D.W. Griffith who asks for his help in aiding him in a way to help Power Man and Iron Fist defeat Chemistro.

When Power Man and Iron Fist are summoned by Rafael Scarfe when Chemistro resurfaces, Luke is hassled by some local hoods who call him the "Oreo for Hire." When they arrive at the Port Authority, they find that Chemistro has turned the entire building into tin, threatening to cause total chaos when the afternoon rush hour begins. Power Man and Iron Fist go in after Chemistro and attack him, putting the villain on the defensive. Cracking under the pressure, all Chemistro can think to do is put the Heroes for Hire on the defensive. Iron Fist manages to get close enough to Chemistro to make him fear being hurt and agrees to surrender and change the Port Authority back to it's normal state.

When Danny demands that Chemistro do the same for Bob and Colleen, he informs Danny that he can't do it because their forms are too complex. Danny is about to kill Chemistro when Bob and Collen arrive with Curtis Carr, alive and well. This allows Chemistro a chance to escape. Later, Curtis explains that he invented a device to reverse the effects of the Alchemy Gun. In thanks, Danny tells Curtis that he's going to contact his friend Tony Stark and see about getting him a job with Stark Industries.

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