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Synopsis for "Members Of the Wedding!"

After busting up a gang of chemical hijackers, Power Man and Iron Fist decide to have a little celebration, Danny tells Luke get make sure Harmony is free the next evening. The next day after taking out his frustrations on a temperamental arcade machine and checking his mail at the Gem Theater, Luke goes to the 79th Street boat basin. Arriving there, Luke finds that Danny has bought a yacht and is taking everyone out on a boat ride.

As Chemistro plans his revenge against Power Man and Iron Fist, Fist practices his martial arts on the boat. Everyone confronts Danny on his current aloof behavior, Danny confides in them and tells them that he's trying to find meaning in his life now that he no longer considers K'un-Lun as his home since finding out the people there worship his foe Master Khan. Suddenly Danny feels a strange sensation and his fist begins radiating energy that draws them to a private island.

The island has a mansion where a wealthy couple are getting married. As Iron Fist jumps into the water to get ahead of the others to find out what's drawing him to the island, armed men appear and hold the wedding goers hostage. The timely arrival of Power Man and Iron Fist is welcome by the guests and the Heroes for Hire learn that the armed men are going after a strange gem.

As Misty and Colleen Wing protect the guests, Power Man and Iron Fist go into the mansion to stop the thieves. While the two are otherwise occupied with a group of the men, one of the armed theives manages to find the gem and grab it. Going after the crook, Iron Fist easily defeats him, and upon grasping the gem, he realizes that it was the source that drew him to the island, making him wonder if there is some connection to it and his powers.

With the crooks defeated and rounded up for the authorities, the Heroes for Hire and their friends are asked to attend the wedding ceremony of the rich couple. After the wedding is over, Danny decides that he should return his yacht.

Solicit Synopsis

While on a much-needed vacation, Danny and Luke get involved with a house party being ripped off by criminals who are more than what they seem-- they have a deeper, darker purpose that will affect the life of Danny Rand.

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