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Rafael Scarfe and his men are about to bust some thieves when they are attacked by Chemistro. Chemistro turns part of their clothing into phosphorous, causing his victims to become seriously burned. Power Man and Iron Fist are at the Gem Theater watching the latest cut of D.W. Griffith's documentary about the heroes when they hear the bad news and rush to the hospital to check on Rafael's status. There Luke learns that his old flame Claire Temple is on Rafael's case, and when Luke demands that she gives him the best treatment possible, she takes it as an insult. This causes Luke to become moody and introspective about his past romance and his current one with Harmony Young.

The Heroes for Hire then decide to go out and bring Chemistro in for injuring their friend. They manage to track him down in Times Square, but the newly confident Chemistro manages to easily beast them. Returning to the Gem Theater, Luke gets and idea and places a call to Stark International and calls in their ally and former user of the Chemistro identitiy Curtis Carr. Waiting for Carr at Danny's home, Luke learns that Iron Fist purchased the strange gem they prevented from getting stolen in their last adventure because Danny is interested to try and learn it's mysterious connection to his powers and possibly K'un-Lun. Curtist Carr arrives and reveals an invention that should give the two heroes a leg up against Chemistro: A spray that will make them immune to his alchemy gun.

When they next meet and battle Chemistro in the middle of Time Square, they learn that the spray works, but it hardly makes Chemistro an easy foe either. During the fight a crowd of hecklers, critical of Power Man's new status in the Heroes for Hire organization (believing him to have "gone white") come to jeer Power Man during his fight with Chemistro and keep Iron Fist back so that Luke can be defeated by their foe. Furious at their behavior after being a street level hero for so many years, the enraged Power Man easily defeats Chemistro. When the crowd uneasily thanks him, Luke tells them to save their false fanfare and announces that he is going to leave Times Square and close up his office in the Gem Theater.

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