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Synopsis for "The Coming Of the She-Beast!"

Fed up of people's attitudes towards him, Luke Cage is moving out of his office at the Gem Theater. When a crowd of rabble rousers come to "see" Luke off, Iron Fist goes downstairs to chase them off. Meanwhile, in a warehouse elsewhere in the city, Ward Meachum sends a group of men (the same ones that tried to steal the Power Gem of Quon) to steal the gem back from Danny Rand. Alongside the men is Fera, a lupine humanoid who doesn't like Meachum in the slightest, but serves his employer as her master.

Back in Times Square, both D.W. Griffith and Claire Temple try to talk Luke out of leaving his office, trying to appeal to the fact that there are still people in the area that need Power Man around, but they fail to convince him. Meanwhile, Iron Fist has returned to his townhouse to study the Power Gem of Quon some more and is convinced to try roller skating with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. While Danny takes to roller skating, they soon spot the armed men breaking into Danny's home.

In spite of the fact that he's wearing rollerskates, Iron Fist manages to fight them off and prevent them from stealing the Gem. However, Fera enters the fight to collect the gem. During the battle, she reveals that she was one of the very wolves that attacked and killed Iron Fist's mother years ago. During the fight, Iron Fist realizes that the energies from his Fist of Fury frighten Fera, who makes a sudden escape with the Power Gem of Quon in her possession.

While back in Times Square, Power Man has finished packing and is taking one final stroll through the neighborhood. He happens upon an old lady who is about to be robbed by a gang of thugs. Power Man quickly chases them off, and when he receives the old woman's gratitude, Luke realizes what Claire was trying to tell him was right. He finds the nearest pay phone and calls up D.W. Giffith and asks him if the office above the Gem Theater is still available for rent...

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