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Synopsis for "Peril From the Past!"

While walking the streets, Power Man is confronted by his old foes Shades and Comanche, both have been decked out with new weapons (Shades with a pair of optic blasting shades, and Comanche with trick arrows) and use them against Power Man, knocking him out before leaving and telling the bystanders to tell Luke that they have a score to settle when he revives.

Meanwhile Danny decides to visit a Rand-Meachum plant to see how his business is doing, and is shown around by Joy Meachum. Danny notices that some of the weapons being made at the plant were the same type that the men who stole the Power Gem of Quon were using and becomes curious if some how the Meachum's are involved. When Ward spots Danny in the plant, be begins to panic, however his mysterious employer telepathically orders him to calm himself. When Danny expresses an interest in the weapons, Joy gives him one to check out.

Later that day at the office of Heroes for Hire, Power Man and Iron Fist meet with their co-owner Jeryn Hogarth to discuss the companies priorities. While Iron Fist wants to investigate Rand-Meachum's connection with the jewel theft, Power Man wants to go and settle his score with Shades and Comanche, and Jeryn wants them to abandon both cases since they will not earn the company any money. When Jeryn can't talk them into dropping their cases, he instead suggests that they hire Nightwing Restorations to investigate Rand-Meachum because too many people know that Daniel Rand is Iron Fist at the company. They agree to send Misty and Colleen to investigate the company while they go after Shades and Comanche.

After a bad date with Harmony Young, Power Man meets up with Iron Fist and they begin searching around to find Shades and Comanche, with D.W. Griffith in tow filming footage for his documentary about the Heroes for Hire. Checking Luke's sources they learn that the two crooks were spotted near the George Washington Bridge. Going there, they spot the two being paid by some man in a business suit (Ward Meachum) who quickly hides when the Heroes for Hire arrive in hopes that Iron Fist did not recognize him. While in hiding, Ward spots D.W. filming the fight between Shades and Comanche and worries that he was caught on tape and be implicated in a plot against the two heroes and vows to get the film before it can be reviewed. Power Man and Iron Fist manage to easily defeat Shades and Comanche, however when the police take the two away they fail to remove Shade's visor, and he manages to fire one final blast, hitting Power Man and Iron Fist, knocking them off the George Washington Bridge to a likely death in the water below.

This story is continued next issue....

Solicit Synopsis

Beginning the build-up to issue #100, it's the return of Shades and Commanche-- if you though they gave Luke and Danny trouble before, wait until you see them with super powers!

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