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Synopsis for "This Deadly Secret..."

Continued from last issue... Power Man and Iron Fist have been blasted off the George Washington Bridge by Shades, and are falling to their possible death. However, Power Man uses his durable body to lessen their impact into the water below. This saves the Heroes for Hire, but knocks Luke unconscious however, Iron Fist manages to pull his friend to safety.

Meanwhile, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing are staking out a warehouse owned by Rand-Meachum and find that the Power Gem of Quon was stolen by someone within the company and that it's being guarded by the men who stole it. They are surprised to find that their old ally El Aguila is has arrived to investigate his information that Rand-Meachum has been hiring criminals. Misty and Colleen give him an assist, however the tables are turned when Fera arrives and takes Misty captive. With no choice to insure Misty's safety, Colleen and El Aguila flee to go and get help from Power Man and Iron Fist.

Meanwhile, the Heroes for Hire return to Luke's Time Square office at the Gem Theater. There they find the place in shambles. Rafael Scarfe is there waiting for them and explains that Shades and Comanche were sprung from the police, D.W. Griffith has gone missing and the only items stolen from the Gem is all it's films. While at Rand-Meachum, Ward Meachum is the one who had all the films stolen so he might get hold of D.W.'s Heroes for Hire documentary footage so that he isn't implicated in the plot against Iron Fist. When they fail to find the footage, and the idea that Power Man and Iron Fist must have it, Ward sends Fera to go and eliminate them.

She arrives at the Gem Theater just after Colleen and El Aguila arrive to tell the other that Misty is a prisoner at Rand-Meachum. While everyone fights Fera, she gives them quite the battle. After injuring Aguila, Fera is forced to flee the scene when Rafael begins firing his gun. After the fight, they realize that Fera was probably going after the documentary footage and Luke realizes that the footage they seek are in a film dryer. Taking a look at the footage, they see the clip of Ward Meachum paying off Shades and Comanche and decide to go after Ward Meachum and save Misty.

While back at the Rand-Meachum warehouse, the guards there use the Power Gem of Quon on a special pedestal which summons Master Khan back to the Earth dimension.

This story is continued next issue....

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The solo adventure you've been demanding, as Colleen Wing and Misty Knight, the Daughters of the Dragon, battle without the aid of the Heroes for Hire!

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