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Received the powers of a dying Kymellian

Quote1 The Powers. All of the Powers... Katie Power, Alex, Jack, and Julie, they all go to my school... and I never knew. They were freaks just like me. Quote2
-- Annie Parker


The Power Pack was a super hero team operating in Regency. They presumably got their powers in the same manner as their Earth-616 counterpart, but due to Regent having taken over the domain and hunting down all superpowered individuals, they had to keep their powers a secret.[1]

Later, either Energizer or Lightspeed accidentally used their powers in school. When the Regent's agents came for them, Spider-Man came out of retirement and covered their escape.[1] While on the run, the Power Pack was found and recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D..[2] There, they quickly befriended Annie Parker and even helped her make her own costume.[citation needed]


Equipment: * Power Pack Uniforms


  • Since they all look like children rather than teenagers, and go to the same school as 8-year old Annie Parker, it can be assumed that all members of this incarnation of Power Pack are roughly the same age as their Earth-616 counterparts were when they first received their powers. However, that would suggest that at least Katie (and possibly Jack) wasn't even born yet when Regent rose to power, and all of them must have gotten their powers when Regent was already ruling.

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