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Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Doctor Mobius (Only appearance)[1]
  • Zombie (Only appearance)[1]
  • Animated skeleton

Other Characters:

  • Tina Calloway (Only appearance)[1]



  • Medallion (Only appearance)[1]


The film opens with a narration from an unseen entity (most likely this reality's version of Aelfyre Whitemane), who states how, after many travels through the universe, it became time for him to pass on his powers. He chooses the four Power siblings.

After moving to a new neighborhood, the Power family is busy unpacking and getting ready for their first day of school. Jack Power finds the science book of his brother, Alex Power, underneath his aquarium. Alex manipulates gravity to get his book. Julie Power cleans her room with super-speed. Jack loses his retainer in the sink so he shrinks to retrieve it. Dr. James "Jim" Power finds his son in the sink. Katie Power watches her neighbors play with a beach ball, missing her home by the beach. Julie promises her that they would make lots of new friends. Jim gathers his children together to discuss their powers.

During a physics lecture, Alex perfectly explains Newton's law of universal gravitation. Julie makes a new friend and they agree to hang out at a nearby bowling alley even though she is supposed to help her family unpack at the same time. Jack finds two friends and they decide to explore the haunted house of Dr. Mobius after school. Alex's classmate, Tina Calloway finds Alex spending most of his lunch break reading in the auditorium. They exchange telephone numbers so they can help each other with science homework.

Jack and his two friends sneak into the mansion of Dr. Mobius. Jack steals a medallion from the mansion. Julie uses her super-speed to go hang out with her new friends at the bowling alley. The spirit of Dr. Mobius haunts the Power house. Jack, Alex, and Katie return the medallion to the haunted mansion while Julie unpacks at home. The neighbors that Katie watched at the start of the movie ask her out to play and Tina calls Alex to help her with a science project.


  • Nathaniel Moreau as Alex Power
  • Margot Finley as Julie Power
  • Bradley Machry as Jack Power
  • Jacelyn Holmes as Katie Power
  • Jonathan Whittaker as Jim Power
  • Cheryl Wilson as Margaret Power
  • Greg Swanson as Mobius[2]

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