Quote1.png Holy cow! Now that we have powers we ought to have names--like the Hulk..and Spider-man! Quote2.png
-- Jack Power

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Synopsis for "Power Play"

Aelfyre Whitemane had been monitoring Earth when he learned that Dr. Power had invented a matter/anti-matter converter. The Kymellians like Whitemane had lost their homeworld when testing a very similar design so Whitemane sent a communication to the Kymellians asking for guidance. Unfortunately, the Snarks intercepted the transmission and desired this technology to use as a weapon.

The Snarks kidnapped Dr. Power and his wife but Whitemane rescued their four children: Alexander Power, Julie Power, Jack Power, and Katherine Power. Before dying, Whitemane explained to the four children what was going on. He also gave the four children his Smartship Friday and his powers. With these powers, the kids managed to cause significant damage to the Snark's ship but they were too surprised by all the recent events to do much more. With their parents still held by the Snarks, this issue ends with them coming up with their codenames and planning their next move. Alex chooses the codename Gee. Julie chooses Lightspeed. Jack chooses Mass Master. And Katie chooses the Energizer.

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