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Synopsis for "Problems"

The kids do some housekeeping but quit before finishing in order to practice their powers. They begin to realize that they need to work as a team but there is still some squabbling as Alex doesn't like having to rely on Julie and Jack thinks Julie is bossy.

The next day after school, the kids notice a kitten with a can tied to it's tail. The kitten runs into the storm drain before the kids can catch it so the kids decide to go into the storm drains to rescue the kitten. At first, things go well as they work as a team but a sudden surge of water separates them. Alex manages to catch Katie and they find their way out of the sewer but Jack and Julie find themselves surrounded by alligators and the only exit is a manhole cover with a truck parked on it so neither Jack or Julie can move it. Julie is trapped and Jack stays with her to help keep distance between her and the alligators. Finally, Alex and Katie show up. It took them a while because neither of them can travel fast without Julie's power over speed. Once they show up, Alex degravitizes the parked truck and is able to move it which allows the kids to escape.

The kids realize that each of them was partially right: they do need to work as a team but they also need to develop individually so that they can function even if they get separated.

Then Katie reminds them that they left their books behind and the issue ends with the kids books being collected by a Morlock. Many of the best issues of Power Pack are the ones involving the Morlocks and the end of this issue is the beginning of the kids involvement with the Morlocks.

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