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Appearing in "Underground!"

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Synopsis for "Underground!"

The kids return to the storm drain to retrieve the school books they left behind in the previous issue. They also brought the kitten because Margaret Power wouldn't let the kids keep the kitten so they hoped to find a home for the kitten. The kids return to where they left their books only to be ambushed by a group of Morlocks. Alex and Katie are rendered unconscious while Julie and Jack are held inside Ape, a Morlock that had transformed himself into a giant walking jar.

Meanwhile, Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde are sent to deliver messages and gifts to select Morlocks who had recently helped the X-men. Lockheed is also with them and Lockheed notices Ape with the children. His noseyness give Julie and Jack an opportunity to escape which catches the attention of Nightcrawler. Kurt doesn't know that kids are involved or what is going on but when they have a chance, Nightcrawler takes Kitty Pryde aside to investigate further.

Julie and Jack manage to free Alex and Katie and they almost escape but Leech shows up and cancels everyones power. The kids are recaptured and learn why they were captured. Analee, a Morlock, lost her kids and the Power kids are to be brainwashed and have their faces altered in order to replace the kids she lost.

The kids make another escape with Julie taunting Leech into chasing her so the others can use their powers. That's when Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde show up and fight beside the kids. Katie even absorbs a blast that was meant for Nightcrawler.

They win the battle but they can't decide what to do about Analee and her partners in the kidnapping. So they leave to report the incident to Callisto and Storm and let them decide. Kitty says, "How much more trouble can they get into before morning?"


  • This story continues in Uncanny X-men Vol 1 195.

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