Quote1 I wonder if any monsters'll show up at this game! Remember what happened when Gramps took us to the aquarium! Quote2
-- Julie Power (Earth-616)

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Synopsis for "Fireworks"

Gramps takes the kids to a baseball game between the Clubs and the Mecs. Julie and Jack argue because Julie wants to see Slugger McGirk beat the homer-hitting record held by Jack's hero Batman Bates. However, while getting refreshments, the kids discover that Batman Bates has become a homicidal maniac who intends to blow up the baseball stadium before Slugger can beat his record. The kids don't have time to tell the police so they chase Bates themselves. They discover that Bates had knocked a fireworks specialist unconscious and had replaced the fireworks with explosives. The kids act quickly and save the day.


  • Julie flies so fast at one point that Alex thinks she flew faster than the speed of sound. Although it is unknown how fast Julie could fly, this was the fastest she ever flew as a child.

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