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I'm the Bogeyman! And I eat evil little mutant freaks like you for breakfast!
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Jack Power (Earth-616)
Maybe that's how he got so fat!
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Appearing in "School Daze"

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Synopsis for "School Daze"

An ordinary day at school or so the kids think. Julie has a math test she's worried about. Alex manages to show off in front of Alison McCourt. Katie draws a picture of Leech and his kitten.

But Carmody kidnaps Katie. Katie manages to fire a power ball which gets Alex's attention. He does a daring move in an attempt to rescue Katie but only succeeds at getting himself floating helplessly in the sky. Jack notices and goes to get Julie by showing up beside her desk in his shrunken form. While alerting Julie, Julie almost gets caught and the teacher believes that Julie was cheating on her test.

When Alex is floating over the river, he tries a little experiment in controlling his power and it works. He'll never be stuck floating helplessly again.

The kids battle Carmody who is more hazardous a threat than ever but in the end, Katie disintegrates the jet pack that Carmody stole.

The kids return to classes but Julie is upset because she winds up taking the blame for cheating.

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