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Jack Power

Appearing in "The Kid Who Fell to Earth"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Smartship Datta


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Synopsis for "The Kid Who Fell to Earth"

Kofi runs from Snark guards after he teleported directly into Queen Mother Maraud's council chamber. Kofi makes it to the Smartship Datta and flies to Earth but Jakal catches up with him and blows him out of the sky.

Franklin talks with Jarvis about the "special dream" he had about Kofi and Jakal. Jarvis insists that it's just a dream but Franklin knows different.

Meanwhile the power kids are skating in the park. Franklin arrives and sees them. He runs to warn them which prompts Jack to say, "Hey, Katie, he's younger than you and he's got dream powers! Looks like you're not the littlest superhero any more!" Katie resents this and has a strong dislike for Franklin because of this. But they follow Franklin to meet Kofi. But Jakal is still hot on the trail of Kofi and ambushes all of them. Jakal proves to be a more formidable foe by throwing a vacuum bomb that almost catches Jack, the most difficult of all the kids to capture. But the kids have developed their teamwork somewhat, enough that they escape.

They hide and talk and manage to scrounge up some food. Katie still dislikes Franklin and this is made worse when the kids discover that both Franklin's parents are members of the Fantastic Four. She steals Franklin's cupcake. Franklin responds by saying, "I wasn't gonna tell it all but now I will! I dreamed Jakal caught us there ... and it was all Katie's fault!"

They try to recover the brain of the Smartship Datta that had sunk in the ocean near the Statue of Liberty. They send out a coded signal to try to contact the Smartship Friday. But before Friday get's there, Katie gets mad at Franklin and screams at him. Jakal, who was nearby looking for them, hears the scream and quickly sets a beam to pull them into his ship. Even then, Katie and Franklin are still arguing and Julie says, "Maybe we should just let Jakal have them both!"


  • After Power Pack #11 Julie insisted on washing their costumes which shortcircuited the communicators. They have been unable to contact Smartship Friday for the last several issues.

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