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Synopsis for "Snark Attack!"

The kids are hanging on to the Statue of Liberty to keep from being pulled into Jakal's ship by a beam. Jack assumes it's like the beam the Snarks used before so changes to his cloud form which is immune to that beam. Only this is a Sweeper Ray keyed specifically to the Power Pack kids. Kofi teleports onto Jakals ship and turns off the ray in time to save Jack but Kofi gets captured. Soon Alex is also captured. Katie and Franklin are so busy fighting each other that they are almost captured but Julie grabs both of them with Jack's help, they escape and board a subway.

Jakal uses a mind probe on Kofi to learn that the kids can be tracked because of Byrel's coin that Katie carries.

The kids don't know what subway they got on but when they get off, they are in a very deserted and bombed out sections of New York. Jakal shows up immediately. Julie and Jack make a successful rescue of Alex and Kofi although it ends with Julie and Alex unconscious but safe with Kofi. However, Jakal finds Katie and Franklin. Jack provides a temporary distraction but gets knocked unconscious.

Franklin then comes up with a plan where he will carry Byrel's coin. This draws Jakal out in a way that makes it possible for Katie to blast him with a fireball. Jakal is unconscious and the kids bind him to keep him that way. Friday finally shows up and takes the bound Jakal to the arctic so he can hibernate beside Snake-Eyes. Franklin becomes an official member of Power Pack receiving his own costume and going by the codename Tattletale. Franklin goes home and the Power kids leave.


  • The first mention of Elsewhere is made in this issue. However, it's said in such a way that it's not clear that Elsewhere is the actual name of a place.

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