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Katie Power

Appearing in "Butter Fingers"

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  • Carmody Research



Synopsis for "Butter Fingers"

The kids get costumes that allow them to use their powers without worrying about losing or damaging their clothes. Then they set out to deal with the matter/antimatter converter before it can be tested and potentially destroy the Earth. Meanwhile, the Snarks attempt to extract knowledge of the matter/antimatter converter from Dr. Powers using mind probes.

The kids make it to the lab where the matter/antimatter converter is about to be tested. They attempt to sneak in but lacking experience, they make many mistakes setting off alarms, tripping over each other and dropping things. Julie and Jack attempt to block a door only to discover that it's a sliding door. But despite all the bungling, they manage to locate the matter/antimatter converter and take off with it. They even manage to swipe some candy bars from Carmody, the business man who was pushing for testing the matter/antimatter converter. However, in mid-flight, they lose control of the device dropping it a few thousand feet above a stretch of wilderness, destroying it completely.

Solicit Synopsis

Four ordinary kids, just like you and me - out to infiltrate a military base! Can they handle their new super-powers well enough to pull off the life-or-death mission? If they can't get to their own father's invention in time - it's world wide destruction!

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