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unnamed Snark thug
... as surely as Maraud will rip your powers from your souls when we arrive on Snarkworld!
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Alexander Power (Earth-616) from Power Pack Vol 2 1 0001.jpg
Snarkworld! Oh, no! I said I'd practice with Allison tonight! She'll think I stood her up!
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Allison ...!?! How can you even think about Allison at a time like this?
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Synopsis for "Trapped!"

Overall, this issue is about the kids personal lives dealing with classmates from school. A Snark ship under the command of Hadj stalks the kids seeking the best opportunity to capture them but the kids have a relatively normal day, unaware of the Snark ship.

After school, the kids invite Franklin Richards to join them sledding in the park. Some hints of future conflicts come up especially regarding Alex. He is smitten with Allison McCourt and in this issue, he rescues Allison from the bully John by using his power to throw John. John decides that Alex is a mutant and he considers the possibility of revenge.

Meanwhile, Kofi is captured by the Snarks and at the end of the issue, after returning Franklin to his home, the Power kids are captured by Snarks. This marks the beginning of the great power switch storyline.

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