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Synopsis for "Missing!"

The Power kids had been captured at the end of the previous issue. The Snarks recover Prince Jakal and return to Snarkworld. James Power discovers his kids are missing and confirms with Allison McCourt that they truly are missing. Franklin tries to talk with his parents about the dissappearance of the Power kids but Franklin overhears his parents discussing how concerned they are about Franklin's reemerging psionic powers so Franklin changes his mind about talking to his parents.

On Snarkworld, the Power kids are reunited with Kofi and they meet Kofi's dad, Yrik, both of whom had also been captured. The kids manage to break lose from their bonds but Alex, Julie and Jack are immediately recaptured. Kofi and Katie are separated but they successfully escape. Then a device is used to transfer Yrik's healing powers to Hadj.

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