Quote1 We've had it! We're doomed! And my face hurts! Quote2
-- Julie Power

Appearing in "When you wish upon a star!"

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Synopsis for "When you wish upon a star!"

Katie has been injured but she has made friends with some Burrowers that live on Snarkworld. They help her as the Snarks are still trying to recapture her. One of the burrowers, Cholly, gets hit by a blaster but survives although injured. The burrowers find Yrik but Yrik lost his healing power.

Alex, Julie and Jack taunt Jakal to try an escape but it fails. Hadj does her best to use the healing power she has stolen from Yrik to heal Jakal but Hadj begins to show fatigue.

James Power searches for his lost kids in New York. He is attacked by some thugs but he is rescued by Cloak who reassures Dr. Power that Cloak is also looking for the Power kids.

Franklin calls Friday and the two of them head for Snarkworld after leaving a note for Franklin's parents. They arrive and Franklin uses his dream power to help Kofi escape the Snarks that pursue him.

The device that was used to take Yrik's healing power and give it to Hadj, is used again to take the powers from Alex, Julie and Jack and give those powers to Jakal.


How Yrik escaped was never explained. The best one can guess is that after taking Yrik's healing power, the Snarks had no more use for him and so discarded him like garbage.

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