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Quote1.png Let's see ... you got my power and I got Jack's power and Jack got Alex's power and Alex got your power! What a mess! Quote2.png
Julie Power

Appearing in "Power Trip!"

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Synopsis for "Power Trip!"

Jakal has just stolen the powers from Alex, Julie and Jack. He wants to destroy these kids with their own powers but Maraud tells him to use these three as bait to capture Katie who is still travelling underground with Yrik and a group of Burrowers.

In New York, James and Margaret Power console each other about the disappearance of their kids. James gets a visit from Dagger who gives reassurance that both Cloak and Dagger are helping in the search for the Power kids.

The Fantastic Four finally discover that Franklin Richards is also missing. Meanwhile, Franklin, with the help of Kofi and Friday, uses his limited psychic powers to search for the kids. He finds Alex, Julie, and Jack just in time as Jakal attempts to kill Emperor Bhadsha. Kofi teleports in and rescues Bhadsha but then they get chased away before they can rescue anyone else. In the chase, Friday crashes. Kofi manages to teleport out with Franklin and Emperor Bhadsha but as far as they can tell, Friday did not survive.

Katie shows up and offers her power to Jakal in exchange for her siblings. Although Jakal takes Katie's power, Jakal then attempts to destroy all four Power kids. However, during the battle, the powers Jakal stole return back to the kids but not back in the same way as before Jakal stole their powers. As Jakal loses all the powers, he also begins to die. His last dying action is to donate his body to restore the health of the Emperor Bhadsha.


  • Credits give "special thanks" to Morgan and Marzan.

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