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Quote1.png What we need is a good old fashioned family supper! I know! I'll heat up some of my famous, home-made, world-class lentil soup! It's good for you! It'll put hair on your chest! Quote2.png
James Power

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Synopsis for "Going Home"

The kids try to fix the Smartship Friday. They find Friday's "brain" and Yrik sends it to the Kymelians to see if it's salvageable.

Emperor Bhadsha banishes Maraud and then sends the kids home in his own private yacht. Kofi sneaks on board.

The Fantastic Four finally figure out Franklin's note and they take off for Snarkworld. They pass the kids in space but don't know that they've done so.

Upon arriving on Earth, Cloak and Dagger happen to be there and a misunderstanding leads to a fight. Cloak takes Yrik into his cloak of darkness and Kofi goes in to rescue him. There Kofi learns about how his mother died and why his father, Yrik, has been so distant.

The kids finally go home and James and Margaret Power are just to happy to have their kids home to ask why the Snarks had kidnapped them again, why the kids are accompanied by Cloak, Dagger, Franklin and two aliens, or why all the kids wear such strange outfits.

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