Quote1 Your gravity power don't stop you from eating! Julie's lightspeed powers don't stop her! Neither do Katie's energy powers! But me? I'm starving and clouds can't eat! Quote2
-- Jack Power (Earth-616)

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Synopsis for "Kidnapped"

The Snarks who had already captured Dr. Power and Margaret Power manage to track the kids and one by one capture Smartship Friday, Alexander Power (Earth-616), Katherine Power (Earth-616), and Julie Power (Earth-616) in that order leaving Jack Power (Earth-616) the only one free. Up until that point, Jack had been feeling the most useless as all he could do was turn into a cloud and provide cloud cover.

Jack does sneak aboard the Snark ship before it leaves Earth. After a while, he discovers where they are keeping his siblings mummified. Then Jack discovers that his control over his bodies mass can be used for more than just turning into a cloud. He condenses his mass to make himself shrink. He also learns that since shrinking does not cause him to lose mass but merely condenses his mass into a smaller form, he's still relatively strong. He's not super-strong but he's strong enough to knock a couple of Snarks unconscious. Jack frees his siblings and Katie talks about her loose baby tooth. The issue ends with her wondering if the tooth fairy will be able to find her on the Snark's home world.


When Julie is captured, her arm is injured. Later she wonders if it's broken. Alex sets it in a temporary cast just to be on the safe side.

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