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Quote1.png Watch out, Snark! You're about to be clobbered by the sixty-pound JACKHAMMER! Quote2.png
Jack Power (Earth-616)

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Synopsis for "Rescue"

As the Snark ship prepares to dock with the mothership, Snarks discover the kids are loose on board. The Snarks chase and the kids get separated. Alex and Jack are almost capture by a stabilizer beam but Alex uses his power and gets the stabilizer beam in a stalemate while Jack escapes. Jack frees Smartship Friday from a stabilizer beam. Julie and Katie find their parents mummified. They all reunite and escape. The Snarks mothership starts firing on Friday but the Kymellians arrive and fire on the Snarks mothership.

Byrel Whitemane (Earth-616) talks with the kids about what has happened. Byrel begins to call the kids his grandkids because with the sacrifice of Aelfyre Whitemane (Earth-616), these kids are the closest Byrel will get to having grandchildren. Katie gives Byrel her tooth which had fallen out and Byrel give Katie a unique coin.

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