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Quote1.png The Bogeyman's headquarters is secret. We don't know where he's taken Rebecca... or how to find him or-- Hey, man oh man, I've got it! Am I a genius or what--? We'll fight fire with fire! If we can't go to the Bogeyman... we'll make him come to us! Quote2.png
Destroyer (Alex Power)

Appearing in "Fire with Fire"

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  • Robot toys


Synopsis for "Fire with Fire"

The Power Pack kids fly over New York searching for Rebecca Littlehale, who has been kidnapped by the Bogeyman. They encounter a strange vehicle and Alex Power tries to slow it down with a power ball. Cannonball emerges from the vehicle and grabs Alex, who increases gravity to make them fall to the ground. Just as they recognize each other, the vehicle catches them both and the Power Pack joins up with the New Mutants.

The kids tell the mutant team about the Bogeyman, and Alex devises a plan to make the Bogeyman come out of his secret headquarters. While Starstreak flies home to grab a camera, the three Power kids instruct Warlock on how to impersonate the Bogeyman. Julie. Wearing a disguise to make Katie resemble Rebecca, they take pictures of the "Bogeyman" kidnapping "Rebecca." Magik teleports the pictures across town.

The next morning, as James and Margaret Power leave for work, they stop to watch some news about Rebecca's kidnapping on television. Alex summons the New Mutants and they prepare for the Bogeyman's attack. However, the villain strikes sooner than attended and kidnaps Katie in a power-dampening bag. Warlock follows the kidnapper and leaves a trail for the rest of the group to find.

The Bogeyman offers to sell the two kidnapped children to the N'astirh, although the demon says Katie is too old for him to have any use. The New Mutants and Power Pack gather on the roof and teleport inside. The Bogeyman responds by releasing an army of robot toys on the heroes. The Bogeyman bags Alex while Warlock frees Katie and Rebecca. Rebecca's dog, Skippy, escapes and Rebecca uses the glint from the dog's tag to save it from a robot. Magik sends the Bogeyman to Limbo once she sees his greatest desire: a graveyard of mutants buried under piles of money. The New Mutants and Power Pack return Rebecca to her parents.

Solicit Synopsis

A surprise villain from Power Pack's past returns to kidnap the mutant Lighttrakker! Can Power Pack rescue Lighttrakker before it's too late?


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