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Synopsis for "Revenge of the Boogyman"

The Bogeyman sinks into Limbo, where he is consumed by demons. N'astirh stops them and picks him up. He scolds the Bogeyman for failing to defeat Power Pack and turns him into a demon by chewing away anything human. In the mean time, Jim Power trudges through a heat after work to get back home. He finds the apartment is a mess and all of his children with high fevers. Jim tries turning on the bathtub water, but instead it spews sewage. At the Cross-Bronx Expressway, traffic steeps to a halt and gangs run rampant. The shadowed figure of the demonic starts killing gang members for their crimes. Slug eggs on the demon, but the Bogeyman turns on the man for being too fat for a man of his class and steals his suit.

As dusk falls on the city, the New Mutants battle S'ym and his demons in the streets. As the Power parents work on cleaning the apartment, they hear news of bizarre incidents happening across town. As strange incidents continue happening in the apartment, the Maggie and Jim decide to bring their children to the hospital. However, the Bogeyman ambushes them in the elevator and threatens to hurt Maggie and Jim if they do not reveal their superpowers. After the team discusses their options, they blow their covers and demand the Bogeyman to let their parents go.

Solicit Synopsis

As the Inferno storyline gets under way, the Bogeyman returns from Limbo... as a real Bogeyman! When he takes revenge on Power Pack in front of the kids' parents, it could blow their secret identities forever!


  • Inks: figures by Drake, backgrounds by Hudson.

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  • The New Mutants make a brief appearance in this issue. Their side of the story is told in New Mutants #71.

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