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Quote1.png Julie--Do you remember once, a long time ago-- you were terribly worried about something, and I told you that I'd still love you, even if you sprouted wings and flew--? I understand what that was about, and... Honey--baby--that hasn't changed! We still love you--all of you--and we always will, now matter what!! Quote2.png
Maggie Power

Appearing in "The Bogeyman Must Die"

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Synopsis for "The Bogeyman Must Die"

Even though Power Pack agrees to reveal their secret identity to their parents, the Bogeyman refuses to let them go. The team contemplates killing the Bogeyman if he hurts their parents, but Julie says that since they never had to resort to killing before, they should focus on saving their parents. Katie tries attacking the Bogeyman, but she just bounces off his demonic form. The Bogeyman reveals his true name, Douglas M. Carmody to the Power parents.

Meanwhile in the Kymellian galaxy Yrik and Kofi Whitemane meet Byrel at Spaceport K-7. Byrel shows them the repairs on Smartship Friday, revealing some unexpected deterioration. Back on earth, the Power Pack team searches New York for their parents. They encounter a group of demons serving N'astirh by stealing babies. During the ensuing battle, Alex realizes he can create multiple Power Balls at once.

Above the fight, the Bogeyman yells at the team and dangles their parents over the ledge. The Bogeyman continues his taunting as he climbs the Empire State Building. Alex latches onto the Bogeyman and threatens to disintegrate him if he does not let them go. The villain throws the parents over the side of the building and Julie saves them using a bubbly force field. Alex and Jack continue the fight on the roof. Alex decides that the Bogeyman must die but, Jim Power stops his son, saying he does not want his kids to become killers.

The parents reconfirm their love for their children despite having powers, angering the Bogeyman. Jim responds to the villain's rant about "mutant abominations" by showing the Bogeyman his reflection. Afraid, the Bogeyman leaps off the building into a canyon of fire. Soon, the Power kids fly their parents back home to find most of the paranormal activity has abated. However, Power Pack leaves to check on the rest of the city.

Solicit Synopsis

Power Pack's parents have learned their secret identities! But that may be the least of their worries if the Pack can't defeat the Bogeyman and rescue them from the Inferno!

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