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  • Dr. Ahjay Bhatnagar




  • Demonic car (Destruction)
  • Demonic train

Synopsis for "What Price Victory?"

On the streets of New York, Power Pack fights the Demons that escaped from Limbo. Katie tries saving a grandma from the Demons' clutches only to discover that the "grandma" is actually a harpy. The rest of the team helps save the Katie. Just as the Demons prepare to ambush Power Pack, a dimensional door in the sky sucks them back into Limbo. The team goes back to their home to find their parents still reconciling over finding out their kids' secret identities.

The next morning, Jim Power explains that they want to try to continue living as normal. The children start explaining how they got their power when Margaret leaves the room and breaks down in tears. Power Pack patrols the city, helping people in the aftermath of the invasion. While freeing a man from a partially demonized car. However, the vehicle comes alive when Alex tries to free the man, and Jack destroys it with a super punch. They assist Katie and Julie in bringing he passengers of a demonized train to a hospital.

There, they meet Dr. Ahjay Bhatnagar and the New Mutants. Mirage summons the doctors greatest wish at the moment, a small army of medical specialists. Together the two teams of superheroes help repair the emergency room. The two teams keep working until the National Guard arrives. They gather on a rooftop where Dani explains how the Demons escaped from Limbo. Power Pack tells the mutants how their parents seem to be having a hard time dealing with knowing their secret identities.

Power Pack arrives home to find their parents in a deteriorating mental state. The New Mutants arrive and Mirage explains that since the Bogeyman was convinced that the Power kids were mutants, they planned on replacing the kids with super-powered decoys. Suddenly, the "actual" kids burst into the room. Power Pack plays along with Mirage's story and Alex apologizes for having to trick them. As the Power family goes to sleep, Mirage tells the real Power Pack to join their family as the fake children disappear.

Solicit Synopsis

An Inferno tie-in. It won't be easy for Power Pack to help the New Mutants wrap up Inferno. But that's going to be a breeze compared to facing their parents, now that their folks know about their dual identities!


  • Art (story pages): Bogdanove and Heath (page 1), Brigman and Barta (pages 2-22).


  • Julie quotes Shakespeare's The Tempest when she says "--We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep."

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