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Quote1.png They're not stupid you know! They're going to guess eventually. One disintegrated coffee table by you-know-who and the jig is up! Quote2.png
Alexander Power (Earth-616)

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Synopsis for "Homecoming"

As the kids return home and the parents are still mummified, the kids discuss whether to tell their parents about their powers and what has really happened the past few days. Leaving the issue undecided, they keep it a secret for now and unmummify their parents. Still, with the house in ruins and Julie's arm injured, life doesn't return to normal.

Meanwhile, Carmody goes to Gyrich and tries to convince him that the Power kids are mutants. Gyrich agrees to investigate. However, Carmody is too aggressive and chases the kids with a gun. Carmody becomes so overzealous that he fires the gun at the kids while the kids are saving the life of Gyrich who had slipped off the edge of a cliff during the thunderstorm. James Power (Earth-616) punches Carmody hard and resigns from Carmody's company. Both James Power and Gyrich press charges that will finish Carmody off financially and probably land him in jail.

The Power family decide to move to New York as Dr. Power received an offer to teach and do research at Columbia University.


Upon a doctor's examination, it seems that Julie's injured arm was broken but has healed quicker than normal.

This is the last issue of the origin storyline. Issue 5 wraps up everything to do with how the kids got their powers and it is the last story to take place while they live at the beach house. Issue 6 opens with them living in New York and marks the beginning of a new storyline and the first of many crossovers with other comics.

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