Quote1 ...biggest dang serpent you ever saw...! Ate my oboe, too! Quote2
-- Gramps

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Synopsis for "Fish Tale"

The kids are back to doing what they do best: bumbling around and saving the day. After having a reunion with Friday, the kids go with gramps to the aquarium. Katie plays a little on gramps' oboe during the trip. However, a Xanthian Boulder Crusher by the name of Snake Eyes has been let loose on Earth by The Collector and has wound up at the same acquarium. Jack spends a lot of time keeping people from being hypnotized by the serpents hypnotic eyes. After helping evacuate the aquarium, the other three try to trick Snake Eyes into hypnotizing itself. This doesn't work and Jack and Katie wind up hypnotized. But Alex and Julie manage to take Snake Eyes far out to the ocean away from people. Then they meet Marrina Smallwood (Earth-616) and agree to team up because they know the serpent will find it's way to a crowded place again.

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