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Quote1.png The Power Plant's been the Middle East Side's waterin' hole since forever. Quote2.png
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The Power Plant was a mutant-owned and operated bar located in Mutant Town and was directly across the street from the original X-Factor Investigations Headquarters.


The Power Plant was a longtime bar in the heart of Mutant Town.[1] Because it was located across the street from X-Factor Investigations Headquarters, the X-Factor Investigations crew frequentented the bar.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

After being recruited to XXX Investigations by Madrox, Wolfsbane met Strong Guy at the Power Plant for drinks. The fun was cut short when a dying dupe entered the bar and Jamie was forced to reabsorb him.[1]

To celebrate closing their first cases, the XXX Investigations crew went to have drinks at the Power Plant with their client Carol Campbell. Things got a bit dicey when Carol met Kim (her dead husband's male lover) and burst into flames.[2]

The Power Plant stayed open for after M-Day,[7] but business was never as good with many of the regulars moving away from the area.[8]

While Siryn was meeting a client in the Power Plant, the bar was gunned down and her client was murdered.[3]

After it was discovered that Multiple Man and/or one of his dupes slept with both Siryn and Monet on the same night, Jamie and Rictor had a heart to heart conversation over drinks at the Power Plant.[4]

While drinking alone (with a dupe), Madrox was approached by The Isolationist in the Power Plant.[5]

Following confession, Siryn told Monet about her unplanned pregnancy at the Power Plant.[6]

With more and more former mutants moving away, the Power Plant eventually closed completely. After closing, the building was used as a headquarters for Arcade's new Murderworld.[8] The building was eventually demolished along with the rest of Mutant Town.[9]


  • The Power Plant was run (and possibly owned) by Lefty.[1]

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